A Little Hiss

Posted on Sep 26, 2012

|top: Ross | jeans & heels: Kohl's | bag: mom | jewelry: Ebay |

So since I have so little time in between work and school, I've been wearing outfits that I can wear to both without changing it up too much. Goodbye shorts :( haha. So when I first bought these pants I picked out soo many outfits for them. Favorite pants ever. I went with a monochrome look with dark accents and my favorite/comfortable heels. With the added choker from ebay and all silver accents I felt very good. All except my hair haha. I planned on having it super curly but I guess it was too humid at 7:00 down here in Florida. It's still hot around here and I so covet wearing leggings and thick jumpers but I'll just have to wait. At least work is cold!

Special shout out to Fashion and the Rebel and Londons Closet! Thank you Fashion Rebel for your help with photos and have you guys noticed London's Closet's pictures of their shoes! I love how they take their photos. :)


Posted on Sep 23, 2012

|top: Ross | shorts: thrifted | jewelry: Ebay, Rue 21 | jacket: Goodwill | heels: Vera Wang |

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago and decided to go ahead and put it up. I went to the mall that day with Alex and we  just sort of hung out the whole day. They jacket was super comfortable and this is the last time I wore these floral shorts before I threw them away :(.

I've been so busy you guys and absolutely tired! All I have time for is naps and homework, my social life has officially been on pause. But I do like being busy lol. You don't have time to think about anything except for what's important so atleast I'm on task. So sorry for this quick post but I have laundry and homework to do! I hope you guys had a great weekend :).


Posted on Sep 17, 2012

| dress: Ross | belt, heels, sunnies: Kohl's | necklace: Ebay |

So I'm headed off to work in a few hours and I hope I can make it through the week without burning out and nobody seems to think I can lol. I have 4 hours of free time all week in between school and work for 9 weeks! Lol the upside is a big fat paycheck and a new wardrobe for work hehe.

I feel like now I'll have no choice but to change my style a bit, which I'm totally excited about. You guys know how I like to dress, comfortable shorts, nice top and accessories. Basically the typical wardrobe of a 'young adult'. It's crazy how things like getting a job is in a way pushing me to become more professional with my wardrobe. 

Anywhoo, I decided to wear something simple to the interview. A little peplum detail and basic black pumps for 'business casual'. I also have a haul video to shoot! Hopefully I'll get it done this weekend. :). I'll try to post one more time this week. Wish me luck guys and have a good week!

Middle Part

Posted on Sep 12, 2012

| top: gifted | shorts&bag: Goodwill | sandals: mom's | jewelry: Forever 21, Wet Seal, Beya |

Oh gosh, I just finishes doing 2 hours worth of homework and I just took a break to blog a bit. I literally hate doing online math problems.  Staring at a computer I can do yes, but not for math! Lol so frustrating. I know after I blog I'm going to drop off to sleep and delve into the second book of Harry Potter. I love those books already. So cute and magical.

So I wore this last weekend to go to the Flea Market with Alex. Needless to say that the summer is still here to stay in Florida for atleast another month haha. Decided to wear this light top with a black bandeau and tried to work a middle part. Of course by the end of the day it was all frizzed up but I think it came out nicely. I also wore some cuffs but I do think it would've been more noticeable on only one hand.

Speaking of hair I'll be posting a video soon on how I do my bun. Haha to be honest I didn't really know how to film it so I just sat in a chair in the middle of my room and threw it up in a bun. Hope you guys had a great week. One more day of school this week!

Back to Black

Posted on Sep 10, 2012

 | top: Goodwill, diy | leggings: gift | wedges: Myhotshoes | necklace: Oasap | earrings: Forever 21 |
 So excuse the quality of these photos. It's been raining and the only way I can take photos is on my back patio. I've been pretty busy lately and totally tired from school and I'm still getting used to 5:30am schedule. School work is just starting to pile up and I have a couple tests next week so blogging has kind of been on the back burner lately. But on the day of this outfit I decided to go for all black with gold accents because of the rain and she's shoes clonked around with me. I got a few looks haha but I'm in love. I can't wait to wear these in the fall!

School Mate

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

| top: Ross | shorts: Goodwill | sandals: My Hot Shoes | earrings: gifted | bandeau: Kohl's

So this week was pretty eventful. I finally officially have the job haha. It was a long process but I start in about 2 weeks! It was such a long day. I went to school and had to rush home and back out to go to work to fill out paperwork, training and go through information about which department I'm in blahh. Then I came home to change  and went back at out to lunch with mom. Now I'm blogging and I'm about to do some homework later. It's safe to say that I'm exhausted but I'm sleeping in tomorrow!

At school though, I'm starting to look forward to it instead of dragging my feet. Making some new friends and all that. For this day though I wore this chiffon top that was so perfect for the weather. I wish the fall would come to good old Florida! I'm desperate to wear some flannel and actual jackets without sweating haha.

Well this weekend I plan on relaxing away :). Hope you guys had a great week!


Posted on Sep 2, 2012

 | bandeau & necklace: Kohl's | shorts & bag: Goodwill | flats: DIY | cardigan: Wet Seal | fedora: Forever 21 |

So this weekend I've been a been drab. Since it's Labor Day weekend I've been procrastinating on homework and laundry and I've decided to do it after I blog haha. As for this outfit, I've been dying for a fedora for awhile now and I think this one is a bit too small when my hair is out. I had to keep pushing it on my head haha. I might get another though, most likely in a different color.

Even though fall is far from Florida, I wanted to wear some fall colors but the bandeau of course makes it summery. This added with my DIY shoes is such a comfortable outfit. Not really much to say today except that I've been watching the Harry Potter movies again and I've been anticipating doing laundry for about 4 hours now. Procrastination kills. Hope you guys have a good weekend :).