Birthday Wishes

Posted on Feb 28, 2012

Yeahhh, birthday is March 5 :)

Of course this and a D40 SLR camera. I've been doing good with my wish-lists with the exception of the camera. Besides a diffuser, statement necklaces and bags, I've been buying all the essentials I want! I don't feel content without my shopping haha.

You guysssss, I've been craving red chukkas for some time now and my brown ones just came in from Also some cute floral shoes would be nice. Ahh these acid wash jeans and the green ones would make me so happy too. I love little splashes of color with a cute blouse. Spring is coming! Favorite fashion season <3.

P.S. I'm going to get rid of ALOT of clothes soon (I hope) and I know I've been saying this for months now but I'm doing it! I'm tired of looking at a full closet and pushing things to the side just to hang up a shirt. It's really getting ridiculous...hangers and folded outfits are everywhere and my room is hardly neat anymore :/. It's goinggg to be done so wish me luck :).

Jewelry and Things

Posted on Feb 26, 2012

So for starters, I bought all my jewelry from Kohl's and the shorts from TJ Maxx. I ordered the chukkas online at and I bought these cute shoes at Goodwill. I loveee lovee these shoes and I've been looking for them everywhere! I was not willing to pay $50 for them and I only ended up paying $4! I love thrifting <3. Anywhoo I love the cute spring earrings and the gold chain. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Repeated Colors

Posted on Feb 25, 2012

 (top: from a friend, jeans: ??, boots: Rue 21, necklace: Beall's)

So my friend gave me this shirt because she said it was the ugliest shirt ever and she didn't want to wear it ha. I think it's cute! I love the pattern and the colors are pretty doable :). I didn't really have any inspiration for this outfit but I was pretty comfortable. But I have FOUR projects to do in English so I'm going to go ahead and get started before I get sucked into blogging. :)

P.S. I think I'm going to get some highlights in my hair. Nothing extreme but some natural brown ones. What do you guys think?

Wayfarers & Fros

Posted on Feb 22, 2012

Disclaimer: Older post I completely forgot about. 

 (tank: anywhere, skirt: Forever 21, bought from consignment shop )

Soo I didn't have any jewelry on except some hoops and hair ties. This was a definite impulse outfit because my boyfriend was hurrying me to get out of the house and go back to his house for dinner. It was weird not having any accessories on but I think it was nice for a change.

Anyway I didn't even realize I had highlights in my hair until I looked at these photos. I might get some more, what do you think? And thank you guys for all of your support, I really appreciate it.

Off to do homework and then to see Kevin Hart! Much love :)


Posted on Feb 21, 2012

 (sweater: Goodwill, jeans: Tj Maxx, necklace: Styles, boots: Rue 21)

Today I was layered in tights underneath my jeans and a long sleeve underneath my gigantic sweater. I was so bundled up and warm! I love the colors and the shapes of the sweater and do you like my fuzzy socks? Also warm! I was kind of tired of wearing neutrals so I felt like adding a splash of color all at once even though it seems somewhat neutral anyways.

So I found out that I'm going to see Kevin Hart tomorrow! I'm truly excited and I'm pretty sure it's an early birthday present (March 5 woo!)... I think I'm going to wear my leopard romper and tights with heels. Yep already planned out an outfit of course :).

Oasap Ring

Posted on Feb 19, 2012

 (top: Charlotte Russe, shorts: Tj Maxx, ring:, earrings: Forever 21)

So to start off,  I got this unique spike ring from and I love it! It's stretchy and the spikes are in no way harmful. It was only $15. Special thanks to them :)

When I picked out these shorts of course I had to have them. I love the subtle pattern and this cardigan I pinned to make into a comfortable top. It's a really old cardigan but I refuse to part ways with it <3. I'm also in love with these earrings too! The birds are super cute! I usually try to stray away from small earrings when I have my hair in a bun because I feel like I look like a manly man ha.

The weather was pretty dreary too like....can I not have a good picture taking day? Ahh well today I'm focusing on my homework and doing some laundry. Three day weekend guys :). So happy about it.

Check out! :)


Posted on Feb 16, 2012

 (top: Forever 21, shorts: Forever 21, earrings: Rue 21, rings: ?? i never remember)

 Yeah today was pretty annoying hence the half-smiles. Basically I was tired and hungry all day haha and my hair wouldn't cooperate. I figured putting in some earrings would make the outfit a little more interesting but there wasn't much effort into this. I love the colors though, it reminds me of spring! :)

Ooooh and do you guys like my watermelon nails? They're kind of all over the place but I painted in the dark :). Next time I'll try harder.

Happy Valentine's

Posted on Feb 15, 2012

 (blouse: Express, jeans: Roxy, necklace: Beall's, ring & jacket: Forever 21, boots: Rue 21)

 Happy Valentine's Day guys! Excuse the awkward poses, I was trying to get a full view of my outfit :). For some reason I didn't feel like wearing red or pink so I wore purple instead. I love this blouse, it's so delicate and I wanted to look girly today so the pearly necklace and the jacket added nicely. And I'm wearing lipstick and if you know me, my 1st choice is always chapstick. I had a fun Valentine's Day and got surprised in 6th period with a bouquet of flowers. I'm so awkward with gifts haha. I was sitting there smiling looking down at my desk and the whole room was full of "awww!". Hope you guys had a fun V-Day. :)

Blogger Inspiration: Adelle

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

You can find Adelle HERE

This is Adelle Veronica; I love how girly all of her outfits are and she always adds some kind of color. She put all of her outfits together so effortlessly and I think she does the perfect job of being girly, cute and casual. She inspires me to wear prints in different ways and to definitely try harder. This is another lookbooker that I've been following for a couple years. :)

Happy Valentine's Day guys! More to come on my next post <3.

Outings with Mom

Posted on Feb 12, 2012

 (top: Ross, shorts: Hollister, earrings: Charlotte Russe, scarf: Goodwill, bag: Goodwill)

I never really show any of the bags I wear out but I'll try to do it more often. In fact, I might go ahead and take photos of all the bags and shorts I have.

So today I hung out with my mom and I didn't really feel like doing my hair so what's more perfect than wearing a turban/scarf?? It's been a while since my mom and I did anything together and it was pretty fun. We did errands and bought books and makeup. I never wear makeup besides mascara so I could tell that she was excited to teach me about something I knew nothing about. Aww moms :).

So I found out how to wear scarves in all these different ways HERE! Shout out to her blog for a minute (Meek n Mild), I love her. Since I love color I wore these cool earrings and I thought adding a touch of red was nice. I love jewelry so much <3. Anyway, enough with my random ramblings, I hope you guys like this outfit :)

The Feel

Posted on Feb 9, 2012

 (top: Ross, $3!, leggings: Kohl's, pearl ring: Old Navy, other ring: gift from bf, heels: Ross )

Hey guys :). I felt so pretty in this outfit. I love this top and I love the fact that it's see through. I wanted this top to stand out so I just paired it with black leggings and a black undershirt. While I was taking photos it was about to rain but I was surprised how many I got! I haven't worn heels in awhile so it was a nice change and these are like 1/2 inch heels anyway so they were quite comfortable.

Fashion Bombshell of the Day

Posted on Feb 8, 2012

Hey guys, so I was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily. I wasn't expecting the comments to be so cut throat! But it's kind of good to have some critique on how everyone views you. I still like what I wear, but it gives me more of a drive to pick out "ground breaking" outfits. Anyway, check it out! <3


Posted on Feb 7, 2012

 (top: Goodwill, shorts: Goodwill, socks: Koh'ls, oxfords: Target, necklace: Target?)

 Don't you like my nails? Haha I'm so proud of them. :). I went downtown with my friend Corrine and we talked non stop about random things girls talk about. It was nice hanging out with someone so similar and we were talking about blogging so hopefully she'll start too.

Anyway I love this tribal top. I feel like I could have paired it with something a little more creative but I just went for high waist shorts and I woke up late so... I love these socks too. They don't stand out so much so it gives the shirt the most attention. And this necklace I've had for years. It's the first necklace I ever bought :).