Spring Again

1. Tanny's Couture | 2. Shop Lioness | 3. Tanny's Couture | 4 Shop Lioness | 5. Tanny's Couture | 6. Tanny's Couture | 7. Shop Lioness | 8. Tanny's Couture | 9. Shop Lioness| 10. Tanny's Couture | 11. Tanny's Couture |
Hey everyone!
Spring has always been my favorite fashion season because of all the patterns, prints and pastels. So I thought I'd share another wishlist :). Today I'm introducing two stores Tanny's Couture and Shop Lioness! Now I've been following Jacque Amadi for a long time and I've always loved her style! Her store always has unique retro items and some of her clothes are even handmade! She always has something new every couple of days and that yellow vintage top (4) and that jogger set (9) are perfect examples of how diverse her store is!
I found Tanny's Couture a couple of days ago on instagram and I took an interest in her jewelry! I loved those chunky earrings. Tanny's Couture is all about versatility. It has several clothes that can be worn in the workplace or out socially and the items are so chic and colorful! Totally loving that royal blue bralet too.
On another note, with the shopping trip yesterday, I think I'm done with making wishlists for awhile. I went to the mall, Forever 21 and thrifting so I'll have a post up soon! :)


Spending Time

Hey everyone!
Today I missed class (oops) and I'm planning on spending the whole day reveling in solitude!! Ha you guys  have no idea how excited I am. My mom left a couple of days ago to visit some family members and I've been either at work or out. I mean it's fun staying busy but I'm kind of a home body  and I've been missing my books :). I'll probably take Daisy out to the park later and try to finish this book I'm reading. 
I took these photos about a month ago and I wasn't sure about posting them. I'm pretty sure I just finished crying/laughing before shooting because I hit my lip against Daisy's head and tooth poked through my lip...  Anyway lol, I wanted a nice pop of color to go with the aztec neutral prints and causal shoes.  
Mustard tank | H&M
Aztec shorts | Forever 21
Aztec cardigan | Oasap
Leaf necklace | eBay


Plaid in the Spring

I've still been pretty busy with school work and volunteering. Yesterday after school I wanted to nap before I took pictures and I woke up to an overcast sky. Lol totally my fault but I ended up taking photos by the tool shed to hide from the rain. My hair came out extra curly so I through it up in a bun and left the tendrils out before the humidity poofed them up.
When I originally had this outfit on, I wore my black boots but reminded me too much of fall so I decided to wear some sandals instead. These shoes are so old by the way, I've had them for about 6 years... Well after I finish blogging I'll probably take a longggg nap. Haha I was up at 4am studying and finishing some homework that was due this morning. Then later on today Alex and I are going to go out to celebrate his birthday!
Plaid Top | Oasap
Black Shorts | Marshalls
Gold Necklace | Oasap
Brown Satchel | Mom's!