Posted on 10.26.2014

Top - Cotton On | Shorts - Forever 21 | Kimono - Oasap | Sandals - Kohl's |

Hey everyone! Today I'm featuring this floral kimono from Oasap! Paired with my acid wash shorts, basic black top and leaf earrings and I feel totally ready for a casual day at school. This kimono is the perfect length too! Oooh package from Forever 21 came in too so I can't wait to show you guys!

After exam week I feel a bit less stressed out. Next semester I'll be done with my first Bachelor's (woohoo!) and then I'll be working on my second for the next year. I'm wondering if I should pick up a job next semester but in all honesty I still feel like I'm settling in here. Back home I seemed to have too much time on my hands but here there's not enough time in the day! Lawdyy lawdy being an adult. Lol ode to early days, late nights and no sleep.

How Would You Wear Challenge | Mixed Prints

Posted on 10.20.2014

| Top-Forever 21 | Skirt-Forever 21 | Cardigan-Goodwill| Boots-Kohl's| Bag-mom's |

Hey everyone! I joined the How Would You Wear Challenge hosted by Diane from Deevine Anonyme featuring mixed prints. What do you guys think? :)

Over the Past Month...

Posted on 10.14.2014

Hello everyone! This is just a brief update on what's been going on since September:
Alex came to visit for about a week and we went to the Wildlife Park/Zoo. I went kayaking a couple of times and I went to "da club" for the first time. Sadly rock climbing became too expensive ($10 a week to practice!) so hopefully I'll join next semester once I get a job andddd lastly I went to school during a tornado watch. I mean... I thought they would cancel class when a tree fell in front or one of the parking garages but no, I had to trek through the rain all day lol.
Soo so far I've been sticking to going to school, going out with Mishelle on weekends and repeat but I'd like to narrow down which clubs I'd really like to many choices. Also next week I have two exams ahh so maybe I should study a bit now...but I'll most likely catch up on some blogs and work on it later tonight.

Oh...and did you guys catch that huge Forever 21 sale last night???? 50% off sale items and free shipping for everything!